Music, Dance, Drama, Joy and Love

We have already received a number of items for the Entertainment programs. The two main nights to share Shri Mataji’s love through music, dance and drama are Friday 30th April and Saturday 31st April.

Marriages & preparations update

Preparations for our Regional Shri Maha Mary Jesus Seminar and Sahaja Yoga Weddings are coming along very well! Marriage applications will be accepted up until Friday 23 March.

Update for Uluru Tour 2018

Jai Shri Mataji! It is only a few weeks till our Sahaja Yoga Uluru Tour. Here’s an update that covers the following information… Items to bring with you on Uluru Tour Observing protocols while at Uluru Please see below for full details. Items to bring with you on Uluru Tour …

Registration, Costs and Marriages.

It is just over 3 weeks until the start of our Balmoral Wellness Camp, followed by our Easter Puja Seminar, Sahaja Yoga Marriages and Tour to Uluru! Here is an update regarding Registration, Costs and Marriages.